Sweet Home Chicago

America has a lot of famous cities. Chicago is the most liveable of those. It seems like a place where people go to work, have kids and visit the museums on the weekends. It is also a pleasantly working class city.

I really enjoyed Chicago, there was heaps to do and there is a real sense of history. The buildings are awesome and just driving through the city is fun.

There is something for everyone in Chicago – sports fans, history buffs, kids, adventure seekers. It is well worth a visit for a week or so.

I would rate it 8.7 out of 10.


IL edge


IL protest

IL Sue

Indiana – It’s a state

IN Dinosaur

IN glass

Indiana is an okay state. We had a good time there. We visited a children’s museum. Indianapolis was a little bit rattier than I was anticipating.

It would probably be worth visiting if you had a [articular event to attend, but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

I would rate it 6.8 out of 10.

Kentucky – Mammoth State

We visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. It was a big surprise. Before visiting, I had no idea that such a large and complex cave system existed in the states. The great thing about Mammoth Cave is that it is suitable for basically everyone. They have hard core caving expeditions, if you want to try that, but they also have some relatively easy walks. I visited here after badly dislocating my ankle and still really enjoyed the trip.

Mammoth Cave is a great example of one of the wonders of America. It is just so unexpected. It is an amazing natural wonder, but it also has history and stories to tell and fantastic , unique experiences.

Kentucky is also a great place to drive.

This is one of those places that is great to explore and find hidden treasures.

I would rate 8.4.

KY Cave

KY Cafe

Texas – If you are so big where is all your stuff?

Texas spends a lot of time talking about how big Texas is. It has a lot (and I mean a lot) of Texas themed stores. But it doesn’t really have that much stuff. It has a lot of houses that are very similar and a lot of road construction. For a state this large it should have lots more to do.

I think this state fails from the perception gap. People who live in Texas perceive that it is still traditionally Western, but mostly it is just suburban. I think Texas needs to step up its game to better cater for tourists. Seriously you have lots of space. Be cooler.

I would rate Texas 5.6. for tourists. TX bumper

Louisiana – How you haunt my dreams

Louisiana is not like any other state. It is innately cool. The food is so cool it will stay with you forever. It has voodoo, both for tourists and for real. The people are laid back and awesome. The buildings are cool. Evenla alligator

la dday

la garden

la poster

la swamp the swamps are cool.

I would love to spend a month here, there is lots to do and even if you just spent the month eating, it would still be time well spent.

Do yourself a favour, go have fun in Louisiana. Try new things. Be cool.

I would rate it 8.4 out of 10.