Michigan – Unexpected

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Michigan much, but it turned out to be more fun than I was anticipating. It was a rather pleasant day and we had a fun time.

We went to Kalamazoo which is cool to say anyway and went to the Air Zoo, which I was expecting to be pretty lame, but turned out to be pretty awesome.

The town of Kalamazoo was also really nice. We had some really nice food from someone who bought the food to our car like in the 50’s.

I would rate Michigan 7.8 out of ten and recommend it as a nice short trip for anyone.

MI Clouds

MI planes


Oklahama – OK!

I liked Oklahoma. The drive is lovely (where the wind come whistling down the plains.) It is pretty laid back and certainly affordable.

It is known as the native state as there are quite a lot of reservations. I definitely think that is what you should spend your time doing in this state. The fantastic Chickasaw Cultural centre is a great way to spend the day. Seriously, I would eat there every day if I could.

Visiting Oklahoma is a great opportunity to learn more about the original inhabitants of the country. It is definitely worth a visit and would be an enjoyable day for everyone.

I would rate it 8.3 out of ten.OK statue

Pennsylvania – The other side of the revolution

PA Bell

While Boston may have been where the fighting started in the Revolutionary war, Pennsylvania was where many of the documents were written. Philadelphia is a great city that stands close to that history. It is an amazing experience to see the crack in the Liberty Bell, see where the constitution was debated and hear from the amazing National Park rangers about what happened there.

Also Philly cheesesteaks.

I also really loved the forgotten part of Pennsylvania – Lancaster County (where the Amish live) what an awesome place to spend some time. The food is awesome – I could eat there all the time. There is also a lovely peaceful pace here. You travel next to horse and cart but it isn’t strange, just part of a lovely, simple life.

Pennsylvania also has Gettysburg which is something all Americans should see. It is one of the bloodiest moments in American history and seeing the place where this battle was fought really brings home what it must have felt like to be in that battle, in that war.

I would recommend Pennsylvania for people interested in history or those seeking a nice relaxed time. I would rate it a 8.6 out of 10.

New York – So much stuff it is unfair to other states

Seriously New York not fair. You have way too much stuff. And the stuff in that stuff? Come on – share it around a little.

New York has the American Museum of Natural History. Any other museum would kill to have just one of their exhibits. This is the definition of a natural history museum.

Then New York has the Met which you could easily spend a month looking at. It has an insane amount of historical, cultural and other stuff. Biggest complaint are that the floors are too hard so it hurts your feet trying to see all of the awesomeness.

Then New York has Broadway, which it doesn’t even matter which show you see, it is just a blast to see one.

Then New York has off-Broadway which lets you feel all cultural and cool and has genuinely challenging productions.

Then New York has Lady Liberty, great icon of Americanism.

Then New York has shopping and eating and other cool stuff.

New York should be made to share some of its riches with other states. It is way too much for one city!

Again, New York is something everyone should do. It has amazing stuff and the experience is ironically American.

Probably good from when kids are over 10 and people are young enough to be able to stand for a while. I am serious about the killer floors in the Met. Totally allow at least a week to experience New York and be prepared to spend some money.

I would give New York 9.2 out of 10.

NY History

NY Met

NY spiderman

NY Train


Massachusetts – still hard to spell

Boston is one of those places that everyone should go. It is steeped in the history of the nation and it is amazing that said history is so accessible. You can go and stand in the places where the American revolution really started. You get to appreciate the stories and respect the people behind them.

I found it particularly interesting to see the old south meeting house but everything along the freedom trail is interesting and worth visiting.

I also liked visiting Boston common, lots of squirrels!

I really liked Boston. It is a great city and fantastic for tourists. There is heaps to do and lots of great places to stay and good food to eat.

It would be a good place to take kids of about 10 to learn about the founding of the country.

We also visited Salem in Massachusetts. I liked Salem a lot less – doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Why are there so many witches in a place famous for wrongly persecuting witches?mass founding

mass meeting

mass sam

mass witch

I would rate Massachusetts 8.7 out of ten.

Maine – important lesson

I was a but sad about Maine at the time. I was shocked by the level of homelessness and surprised that there wasn’t as much to do as expected. In retrospect I think I would may have enjoyed it more had I purchased a GPS first. You might think that you can just use your phone or whatever. Just spend the $100 because it will change your road tripping life.

I think if I were to go back to Maine I would probably try and visit somewhere a bit more iconic, go visit the beaches, etc. I am sure it is a great state, but the parts we saw were not amazing.

I would give it a 3 out of ten. Enjoyed the museum, but not a lot else sticks out.maine mermaid

maine bigfoot

maine museum

Day 81 – the world’s weirdest museum

We visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology today. It is a pretty weird museum. It is extremely dark with limited lighting for the exhibits only. About half of the time you have no idea what you are looking at and the other half you are not sure why you are looking a it.

Even with this the museum is actually pretty awesome. They have some really net resting stuff and present it in a really innovative way.

One exhibit included micromosaics which must be viewed through a microscope and Re assembled with scales from butterfly wings. The effect is amazing and it looks like you are viewing a secret world. In this theme there was also a number of art within the head of a needle.

There was also a range of Stereoradiographs which are a unique form of 3d art. The pictures were transparent and showed the components of different flowers. The work is very beautiful.

The exhibit I found to be the most interesting is titled “tell the bees” which explores unique folk traditions from around the world. This included information on “sin eaters,” the use of pins and needles, insects and shoes. He exhibit is extremely interesting and extremely specific. I really enjoy this in a museum exhibit as it is much more fascinate than broad, general information.