Plea to Americans

This post is going to be cliché, but it needs to be said. I urge all Americans to explore your country. It is amazing. It is almost unfair how much awesome stuff you have. Please appreciate it.
Here are some of my suggestions for things to do in America to better love and understand it.

See the USS Arizona.
See a Glacier.
Meet Mickey Mouse.
Be hot in death valley.
See the lights of Times Square.
See a baseball game.
See Old Faithful.
Experience the dark in mammoth cave.
Walk in the footsteps of the revolutionaries in Boston.
Go to the Wheatfield
See the white house.
Drive route 66.
See where Custer fell.
Eat gumbo in Louisiana.
See the sunset over the grand canyon.
See the liberty bell.
Eat from a truck.
See the constitution.
See the ocean.
Understand history at the ww1 museum.
See where Mississippi meets the ocean.
Have a taco in the south west.
Stumble upon something great in the mid west.
See the trees of Vermont.
Stand at the end of navy pier.
Eat until you pop in Vegas.
Watch the flag fly over Fort McHenry.
Stay in a haunted hotel.
Talk about roads by numbers not names.
Be soaked in rain in the north west.
Go to where the cowboy films are made.
Drive an endless straight road


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