Georgia – Like that Futurama Episode

Amy: So, Fry, Atlanta was an American city in your time?
Fry: I think it was just an airport. They had a place where you could buy nuts.
Umbriel: No! Ancient Atlanta was more than just a Delta hub. It was a vibrant metropolis, the equal of Paris or New York.
Fry: That’s right, honey! Whatever you say.
Umbriel: Look at these fabulous ruins. Turner Field, the Coca-Cola bottling plant, the, uh, the airport.
Leela: But tell us, how could a city with such a … fabulous airport end up underwater?

That is how I would describe Atlanta. Not that much going on.

Nothing bad just nothing interesting.

Recommended for people who like airports.

I would rate 4.2 out of 10.


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