Top Five Countries We Want To Visit

Life Out of the Box is a fantastic blog, this is their list of countries that they would like to visit.

Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box

After traveling and living in a variety of countries throughout Central America, Europe and Africa, we are antsy to explore more cultures around the world. Quinn and I have discussed at length where we want to go next and we put a list together to get any feedback or insight from others.


Life Out of the Box
Turkey is a beautiful country located between Europe and Asia. After living in Morocco, we have grown a huge appreciation for the Islamic Culture and we would love to experience more of it on a holiday to Turkey. Not only does Turkey provide a beautiful setting, but it also has a lot of interesting history that we both really want to learn more about. We would love the opportunity to visit Turkey and divulge into the culture through living and eating with the locals. It is how we always travel and we believe that if we do…

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