Maryland- Really Touching

MD Fort McHenryI had one of the most touching moments of the trip in Maryland. That is where Fort McHenry is located. For McHenry may not be one of the most recognisable names in America, but it is the site that the national anthem was written. Fort McHenry has become a national monument. They have a daily flag raising ceremony, using the original sized flag.

When we were there the flag was raised by a group of school children. One of the group sung the national anthem while the rest of the group held the flag while it was raised up the flag pole. Other visitors may also participate. Hearing a young child sing “the flag was still there” while a group of her classmates reverently hold the flag is really heart-warming and you can’t help but get teary.

It is also fantastic to be able to walk on the ramparts and imagine what it must be like to have been present while the Fort was being attacked from the sea.

Maryland is also home to Baltimore, which is a surprisingly cool, funky city with hidden treasures. I really enjoyed my time in Baltimore.

I would recommend a visit to Maryland for anyone and a visit to Fort McHenry for everyone. I would rate it 8.8.


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