Pennsylvania – The other side of the revolution

PA Bell

While Boston may have been where the fighting started in the Revolutionary war, Pennsylvania was where many of the documents were written. Philadelphia is a great city that stands close to that history. It is an amazing experience to see the crack in the Liberty Bell, see where the constitution was debated and hear from the amazing National Park rangers about what happened there.

Also Philly cheesesteaks.

I also really loved the forgotten part of Pennsylvania – Lancaster County (where the Amish live) what an awesome place to spend some time. The food is awesome – I could eat there all the time. There is also a lovely peaceful pace here. You travel next to horse and cart but it isn’t strange, just part of a lovely, simple life.

Pennsylvania also has Gettysburg which is something all Americans should see. It is one of the bloodiest moments in American history and seeing the place where this battle was fought really brings home what it must have felt like to be in that battle, in that war.

I would recommend Pennsylvania for people interested in history or those seeking a nice relaxed time. I would rate it a 8.6 out of 10.


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