Georgia – Like that Futurama Episode

Amy: So, Fry, Atlanta was an American city in your time?
Fry: I think it was just an airport. They had a place where you could buy nuts.
Umbriel: No! Ancient Atlanta was more than just a Delta hub. It was a vibrant metropolis, the equal of Paris or New York.
Fry: That’s right, honey! Whatever you say.
Umbriel: Look at these fabulous ruins. Turner Field, the Coca-Cola bottling plant, the, uh, the airport.
Leela: But tell us, how could a city with such a … fabulous airport end up underwater?

That is how I would describe Atlanta. Not that much going on.

Nothing bad just nothing interesting.

Recommended for people who like airports.

I would rate 4.2 out of 10.


Top Five Countries We Want To Visit

Life Out of the Box is a fantastic blog, this is their list of countries that they would like to visit.

Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box

After traveling and living in a variety of countries throughout Central America, Europe and Africa, we are antsy to explore more cultures around the world. Quinn and I have discussed at length where we want to go next and we put a list together to get any feedback or insight from others.


Life Out of the Box
Turkey is a beautiful country located between Europe and Asia. After living in Morocco, we have grown a huge appreciation for the Islamic Culture and we would love to experience more of it on a holiday to Turkey. Not only does Turkey provide a beautiful setting, but it also has a lot of interesting history that we both really want to learn more about. We would love the opportunity to visit Turkey and divulge into the culture through living and eating with the locals. It is how we always travel and we believe that if we do…

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Flights, Connections and what to do if you miss them…..

Excellent post on managing missed connections. Excellent advice for all travellers.


Air travels, especially long distance flights, are stressful, but they can be even more so if there are incidents such as unforeseen delays, cancellations, interruptions and others. I experienced one such delay during my recent trip and my blog post on it received numerous comments, suggestions, ideas which were not only useful but also something all of us should know and be aware of.

I have compiled all these ideas, suggestions, feedback below to help you all plan for your next trip and be prepared in case you find yourself in a similar situation. Feel free to customize your plans based on your own requirement and comforts.

Based on my own experiences, comments received and feedback, I will keep on updating this post.

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DC – The Big Show

We spent quite a long time in DC and I am very glad for it. The museums were fantastic, the cherry blossoms were beautiful and the moments were awe-inspiring.

The main thing that I remember however, was visiting the national archives. Being able to walk up and see the documents which created a country is amazing. Yes, they are fading and under glass, but you can still feel really in touch with the people who wrote them and debated them and fought for them. Seeing the constitution and bill of rights is one of those things that all Americans should do. It really provides great insight into the founding of the country.

One of the other things I really loved was eating at the Museum of the American Indian. It is a Smithsonian and brings together the story they are trying to tell with the food. I would eat here all the time if I lived in DC.

I also really respected DC, It has great tourist attractions but also is a real working city. You can really see the public servants striving hard to help manage the country.

You need at least a week here to see everything DC has to offer and I felt really lucky to see the city while the cherry blossoms were out. Really bought the city to life.

Everyone should visit here at least once. I would rate it 8.8 out of ten.DC Cherry

DC Capitol

DC Ruby slippers

DC statue indian