Hawaii – great reason for its popularity

What a holiday destination Hawaii is! It has everything. Amazing beaches that lie meters from a busy city, volcanoes that are still active, incredible history and fascinating culture.

I would love to return to Hawaii and would happily stay a month or more. I love the chilled out vibe and native population.

Twelve months on it is definitely the forests which most resonate with me. They are very inviting and warm. I also loved the people in Hawaii – they seemed genuinely caring and to love their state.

I wasn’t fond of the pushy sales people in the major cities and if going to Hawaii I would recommend avoiding them – you don’t have to talk to them and I am sure they get rejected a million times a day.

One of the criticisms many people have for Hawaii is its cost. I do not remember Hawaii being that expensive. You may need to shop around to get a good deal, but they are definitely around and you can keep costs down fairly easily.

I would recommend Hawaii to anyone, there is obvious appeal to honeymooners, but I think everyone can find something that they love to do.

In hindsight I would give Hawaii a 9.8. Great memories, lots of fun and a great way to start the trip.

hawaii arch

hawaii poster

hawaii rainforest


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