Best of … Theme Park Attractions

We have theme parks in Australia, but they are not the same as Disneyland. There are differences between theme park rides and attractions.

The disney parks are an experience. You enter another world and become a kid again. Even if you have been before, there is still more to see.

I prefer California to Florida, it is much more chilled and and you can see much more.

Best theme park attraction
Haunted Mansion is my favourite attraction. It is fun for all ages, not at all scary and very sweet. The attraction uses simple and old fashioned illusions which do not date. The theme song is catchy and the cast members always perform perfectly.

Best theme park show
World of colour is amazing, some of the songs are a little silly, but it is like Disney has created whole new colours that you have never seen. The intensity of the colours is spectacular and it has lots of fire effects.

Best attraction utilising new technology
Spider-man at Universal studios is fantastic. The technology creates a flawless effect, the story is fun and the movement of the ride genuinely exciting.

Best live show
Finding Nemo in Animal Kingdom is worth the price of admission. The performers are fantastic and do an amazing job of telling the story in under an hour.

Best singing
Pochahantas and Mulan who sung in the new Disneyland show, Mickey and the Magical Map were spectacular. They really deserve a standing ovation.

Best children’s themed area
Suess landing in Universal Studios Florida is for the very young, but is still fun for the young at heart. Why shouldn’t adults go through the children’s play area?

Best themed area overall
Carsland is the newest and easily best themed area in any park. Not only was the cars movie a great representation of Route 66, Carsland in Disneyland resort is a spectacular way to bring the world of carsland to life. You absolutely have to see this at night!

Best tool for the themeparks
Omni Freeze zero by Columbia uses new technology to cool when you sweat. It makes a hot and uncomfortable day into a fun and bearable one.

Weirdest Ride
ET. I still don’t understand what that was. The story made no sense, the ride itself was weird and the whole name card this was silly.

Best roller coaster
I’m nit much of a roller coaster. Yield, however I am assured that Hulk at Universal Studios does all the right things. My favourite coaster is the ever cute, Big Thunder.

Best water ride
Splash mountain. Great old-fashioned dark ride finishing with a drop. Great laughin’ place.


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