Best of … the outdoors

Most unforgettable outdoor vista
Snow machining to a glacier in Alaska was incredible, the colour of the glacier was amazing and the endless whiteness itself an awesome sight. Everyone should have the chance to experience Alaska and appreciate the final frontier.

Best Place to pretend you are in a movie
Everyone says it – Monument Valley is like photography set to easy. You can not take a bad picture here. The landscape is alien and like no place else on Earth. It is fun to drive around here and you can easily loose hours.

Best cowboy experience
Horse riding in Wyoming is fantastic. You can really feel how it must have been years ago. You can see the mountains and there is a real frontier feel about this place.

Best Beach
Any beach in Hawaii, even ones close to the cities are like post-cards. The sand is soft and the water is calm. Hawaiian beaches are welcoming and inviting.

Best water experience
Whitewater rafting in Wyoming. Wile the white water is fun, it is also fantastic to be able to take a nice ride down the river, to see wildlife and cool rock formations.

Most famous outdoor site
This would have to be the Grand Canyon. Everyone should be able to see and appreciate this. The view changes constantly with the movement of the sun and even amongst all the people you can still find some peace and quiet.

Best Desert
Why not go to the real desert – Death Valley. See the lowest, driest and hottest place in Nirth America.

Best outdoor show
Old faithful is famous for a reason. Come see what millions have seen and appreciate the power of the Earth.

Best experience through half-closed eyes
Airboat on the bayou during a storm. The rain will be physically painful and you will only see half of anything, but even that is great fun and fascinating.


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