Best of … Live Shows

Best of the Big Shows.
Spider-man: Turn off the Dark is a fantastic broadway show. The songs are catchy, the acting is great and the aerial scenes are awesome. You will not have many chances to see shows with such a high production value.

Best of weirdness.
Sleep No More. I am still not quite sure what this was, but it was remarkable. A story told in dance, set design and crowd participation. If you are in New York, I would definitely not miss this.

Best for Family
Finding Nemo at the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. I was very impressed with this show. It was something that kids and adults can really enjoy and the quality of the performance is amazing. It is a broadway quality show in a theme park.

Best Delighter
The candy artist, Miyuki at Epcot in Disneyworld is fantastic. Her creations are fantastic and her crowd interaction is wonderful. I could watch her for hours.

Best free show
While it is a little weird, it so definitely worth watching the Sirens of TI in Las Vegas. The show is quite long and includes singing, dancing and pyrotechnics. Maybe ignore the gender roles though.


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