Best of … History

We saw lots of historic stuff on the trip. These are the standouts.

Best historic object: the original constitution, bill of rights and deceleration of independence. These are located at the National Archives in DC, along with one of the 4 original Magna Cartas. It is pretty amazing to see these documents. They are well-preserved, but at the same time you can see that they were documents hat were used, displayed and discussed. Awesome things to see.

Best historic place: the old south meeting hall in Boston. the American Revolution basically started here and it is amazing o be ale to stand where debates which decided the fate of the United States were discussed.

Best little known history: The first White House of the confederacy. This building is quite interesting and the objects and design of the house provides great insight into the man that was Jefferson Davis and what life what like for him and his family during the civil war years.

Best battlefield: The battlefield at Gettysburg is fascinating and horrifying. To be able to look on a place where so many men died is truly contemplative. The car tour is very useful and is a good way to see all of the battlefield. The museum is also very good.

Best tour: Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the first parliamentary debates were really held. The tour guides are very helpful and the site well explained.

Best historic town: Harpers Ferry was a key strategic location for birth sides during the civil war and, seeing the town, is very understandable. Great location, good transportation options and workers skilled in arms manufacture. The town is also now well-maintained by the great national parks service.


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