Best of … National Parks

National parks truly re the best of America. The rangers are awesome, they always seem well managed and the facilities are great. They are also in places which are completely amazing. Good job Teddy Roosevelt!

Best overall park. Yellowstone, up in Wyoming is awe inspiring. The geysers, the pools, the wildlife, even the stores, Yellowstone has everything. It will make you cry with amazement and wonder.

Best facilities in a park. Grand Canyon. One of the most attended tourist attractions in the world, the National Park Service has really done a lot to maintain this park. Shuttle buses are available to take you to key sites. Rangers to help you plan your trip. Stores to buy stuff. It is a really well maintained park.

Best Tour. Mammoth cave in Kentucky is a great place to learn from some excellent rangers. You can hear about the geology, history and activities of the area. Really cost effective and really interesting.

Best historical park. You can see where the constitution was debated at the independence national historical park in Philadelphia. The rangers that provide the tour here are funny, knowledgeable and cool. This has been well maintained and managed by the nps.

Best moving moment. Seeing school children raise the flag over Fort McHenry while one talented child sings the anthem is incredibly moving. It is really inspiring to see young people learn about and respect their national history.


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