Best of … Museums

We saw a Lot of museums on the trip. Some were really interesting, some had cool stuff, some were pretty weird. So the best are:

Best Building for a Museum. The American Indian Museum in Washington DC is a beautiful building and one that is really fit for purpose. It has fantastic gardens and a great shape for acoustics. A lot of thought was clearly put into the design of the building and the story that it would tell.

Best air museum. We saw a lot of planes in a lot of museums, but the best one was the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There is a great room which has a fantastic mural which really adds to the atmosphere. There are also a number of carnival rides that are pretty fun. The hanger with the stuff about space is not great, however.

Best weird museum. The Glore Psychiatric Museum in St Joseph Missouri is quite creepy. Not only is the subject matter unsettling, but they have set up mannequins in many of the rooms, many are facing away from you and feel like they may turn to look at you at any moment. However, the museum is fantastic and genuinely interesting. The complicated topic is handled in an understanding way and the staff are patients are treated with respect.

Best local museum . The millyard museum in Manchester New Hampshire is a really great local museum, you leave knowing a load more about the area. The building is also a great place for the museum and the prices are pretty good.

Best natural history museum. New York’s American Museum of Natural History is almost too good. They have so much amazing stuff that you feel bad for other museums. You could spend a week there and still not see everything.

Best museum about an unexpected topic. The sign museum in Cincinnati, Ohio was pretty cool. Doesn’t take forever to see, but the signs seems genuinely representative of their types. It is great to see all the old style neon and it is really beautiful.

Best surprise museum. The wizard of Oz museum in Kansas, is unexpectedly good. One, I didn’t know it existed until a sign on the highway tools me about it and even then I thought it was be terrible. It is actually pretty decent and the town has a yellow brick road!


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