Best of … On the road

Best gadget for the road: GPS. I am totally a GPS convert. They will not only find the quickest route, shortest route, avoid highways and keep you generally on track, they will let you know what lane to be in and what the speed limit is. For a little over $100 they will more than earn their value and really reduce stress.

Best for modern convenience’s: McDonalds. There are lots of them, their bathrooms are always clean and they have free wifi. They are a 21st century mirage on the road.

Best food for the road: IHoP. They are cheap, have huge meals, lots of variety and food is always good. They are also located just off the highway so you don’t have to go far.

Best entertainment: Books on tape (or whatever they are called now). Music is great, but when you are driving for 8 hours you will want something that changes. Books give you something to talk about and look forward to. They are really cost effective and last for days of travel. You can also get short stories and podcasts for free.

Best car: Jeep Wrangler. I may be a bit biased as we have a jeep at home, but there is nothing better than going through the expanse of the American west with an American 4-wheel drive.

Best pick-me-up: Jelly beans. They don’t melt and have lots of flavours.
Best road: anywhere there is not road works (which is hardly anywhere).


One thought on “Best of … On the road

  1. Jan Edwards says:

    Hi Susan,
    How lovely to receive this email via Linkedin. so pleased you are having a lovely time. I will continue to follow you, blessings, Jan

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