USA vs Canada (Ice Hockey)

We saw one of the matches for USA vs Canada in Melbourne over the weekend. It is part of publicising ice hockey in Australia.

The ice hockey was not quite at professional standards, the hits were not as hard and the skating was slower than normal. The quality of the ice was not great, particularly after they brought on a pretend Zamboni at the end of the second period which just turned the ice into water. Also, the rules seemed to change for no reason (what happened to overtime?). However, it was still great fun.

In the end the score was 8 all and was settled via shoot out. USA won. it is a best of three series, so they have one each. The series will be settled in Sydney next weekend.

What was most interesting was actually who the support was for. By far the most support was for Canada. I cannot imagine that many people are from Canada, so I have a suspicion that people were actually just supporting the team that was against America.

Many people in the rest of the world have a view about America – that it is all fast food, guns and prejudice I think this is very unfair.

America is extremely diverse and has so much more to see than people realise. The majority of people in America are just like everyone else. Good people who are trying to make life better for their kids. Every state is a bit different and there are many different cultures throughout the country.




3 thoughts on “USA vs Canada (Ice Hockey)

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Susan, I’m an american going to the game in Sydney tomorrow night. Do you know how I can find out which players came to Australia to play?

  2. Hey Susan, it was a fun night even if it was only a staged exhibition match. Id say the reason most people were going for Canada is because Aussies have a good relationship with Canada seeing we can still get 2 year travel work visas there. I have many Canadian friends from Toronto and Vancouver and have been a few times. I wore my Canucks jersey with pride!

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