California Dreamin’

California is very diverse. There are mountains, deserts, cities and forests. The economy of California is huge (12th largest in the world). It is also one of the biggest tourist destinations in America.

My total score for California out of 50 is 35.

Categories out of 10

Home comforts Quality of food, accommodation, etc. Score of 8. I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of the hotel, however I was really impressed. The hotel, Camelot Inn & Suites, was really close to Disneyland and easily walking distance, the pool was nice and the room was big and well equipped. The food is pretty good and there is a wide range of things to eat, both inside and outside the parks.

Attractions The quality of the attractions and generally how fun and interesting they were. Score of 9. Disneyland is a great place for people of all ages, not just kids. It is a great place to chill out, you don’t need to just go from one ride to another. There are also lots of small activities to do in California.

Natural Beauty The aesthetic vistas of the state which make the drive easier. Score of 5. There are some nice views, outside the cities, however the highways in California, particularly around Los Angeles are pretty unattractive and dirty.

Culture Historical and cultural sites and interactions with the locals. Score of 6. Locals are pretty laid back and chilled, but not lots of historical sites.

Value Financial value – bang for your buck, so to speak. Score of 7. Good value, however a little expensive.


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