Day 81 – the world’s weirdest museum

We visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology today. It is a pretty weird museum. It is extremely dark with limited lighting for the exhibits only. About half of the time you have no idea what you are looking at and the other half you are not sure why you are looking a it.

Even with this the museum is actually pretty awesome. They have some really net resting stuff and present it in a really innovative way.

One exhibit included micromosaics which must be viewed through a microscope and Re assembled with scales from butterfly wings. The effect is amazing and it looks like you are viewing a secret world. In this theme there was also a number of art within the head of a needle.

There was also a range of Stereoradiographs which are a unique form of 3d art. The pictures were transparent and showed the components of different flowers. The work is very beautiful.

The exhibit I found to be the most interesting is titled “tell the bees” which explores unique folk traditions from around the world. This included information on “sin eaters,” the use of pins and needles, insects and shoes. He exhibit is extremely interesting and extremely specific. I really enjoy this in a museum exhibit as it is much more fascinate than broad, general information.



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