Day 80 – Pennies

Spent a fair bit of time today getting stuff from our car into luggage in order to get it home. We have sent some things ahead to our freight forwarder, MyUS, so presents will have to wait until we can afford to have it posted back home. Most of the stuff left fit in our bags, so that was a success!

We also spent today looking for some pressed or elongated pennies. Pressed pennies are a fun thing to collect. Essentially you put a penny and usually two quarters in a machine and then turn a lever which presses an image into the penny. It is a pretty cheap thing to collect and is a good way to remember where you have been. Most tourist places have the machines so you can certainly get lots of pennies.

I also like collecting pressed pennies because regular pennies are dumb. You always end up with too many pennies, because American prices are usually quoted without tax, so $4.69 ends up being $5.07 or something similar, so there are some more pennies! I think it is time for the US to get rid of them!


One thought on “Day 80 – Pennies

  1. cfniva says:

    I can’t believe you have made it all the way to California! What an epic trip. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back, safe travels.

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