Day 79 – Disney Old and New

We wondered around both California Adventure and DisneyLand today.

We rode a few kid rides like:
– Heimlich (train ride in Bugs Land- complete waste of time and a good character)
– Roger Rabbit (why are some many kids rides crazy?)
– Canoes (good fun, but people are terrible paddlers)
– pirate Island (good place for kids to run around and for adults to sit in the shade)

Also rode some thrill rides:
– Tower of Terror (lots of fun and not too scary)
– California Screaming (nit too intense as roller coasters go, but you do get to go upside down!)

Also rode some middle rides:
– Splash Mountain (I really like the story part about Brer Fox, Bear and Rabbit, but the splashdown Is still fun)
– the Matterhorn (quite tame, but hard on the knees for anyone over 12)

Saw the new show at Disneyland called Mickey and the Magical Map. The performers included dancers, singers, puppeteers and a trumpeter. The performers were excellent, particularly Pocahontas and Mulan. Also a great sequence from Jungle Book. There was a very silly story overlaid onto it about Mickey and a spot on a Map. Not really sure we needed that narrative. Good show anyway.





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