Day 78 – California Adventure

Today we visited Disney’s California Adventure. This is the second park in the Disneyland resort, which also includes the original Disneyland park and Downtown Disney.

California Adventure is has several themed areas relating to California and America including Bugs Land, Paradise Pier, Condor Flats and Grizzly Peak.

One new ride was the little mermaid ride. I have to admit that I never really understood the little mermaid. I mean who would want to give up being a mermaid and living a charmed life under the sea? The ride is basically a “dark ride” which takes you through different scenes from the film. The ride isn’t bad, but it is your standard kids story-type ride, albeit with some new effects.

We also rode “Soarin Over California” which is a wonderful ride which makes you feel like you are flying through different scenes throughout California. My favourite part of this ride is the scents which waft through the ride. The orange groves smell like oranges and the forests smell like pine. It is very realistic and you really feel like you are there.

We also visited the new Cars Land, which is designed to look like Radiator Springs from the movie, which is in turn is designed to look like Route 66. The area looks fantastic, particularly at night when it is light with neon.

There are 3 new rides in cars land. Two are okay (not great), But the third, Radiator Springs Racers is fantastic. You drive through town and meet various characters from the films. I cannot explain how amazing and life like the characters appear. You really feel like you are meeting the characters (including Mater and Lightning). You then race your car through the dessert which is lots of fun.

We saw the stage show Aladdin. Disney theme park shows, particularly finding Nemo and Aladdin are amazing. They are shorter versions of full broadway shows. The quality of performances and effects used in the shows are fantastic and worth the cost of admission.

We also saw the evening show, World of Colour, which combines water screens, lasers, music and bright lights to create a full 30 minute show. The show has dancing fountains which are brilliantly light from below and projected images on the water screens. The result is a very impressive effect.





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