Driver Waves

People in Oregon are very laid back. Lots of people resting in the sun. And very polite drivers, they always do the driver wave and seem to patiently wait their turn to get in a lane or turn a corner.

While there I heard in the news that Oregon is 50th in America for High School graduates, so maybe they are a little too laid back.

My total score for Oregon out of 50 is 31.

Categories out of 10

Home comforts Quality of food, accommodation, etc. Score of 6. Had some problems with the Internet at the hotel, but these were fixed promptly. Good, if unexciting food.

Attractions The quality of the attractions and generally how fun and interesting they were. Score of 5. Hiking, walking, bike riding not much else.

Natural Beauty The aesthetic vistas of the state which make the drive easier. Score of 6. Rain, mountains, more rain.

Culture Historical and cultural sites and interactions with the locals. Score of 7. People all seem pretty nice, and a few local art galleries, etc.

Value Financial value – bang for your buck, so to speak. Score of 7. Most things are affordable, not brilliant value though.


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