Day 75 – Fire and Water

Casinos will do a number of things to attract you because once you are there you will probably stay and spend money. This is because A) Casinos have air conditioning and it is hit outside and takes forever to walk to another Casino and B) they hide the exits.

One way of attracting people is with food. Mainly buffets which they hide in the middle of the casino. We purchased a ticket which allows you to visit a variety of buffets an unlimited number of times within 24 hours. Do you get your money’s worth? Who knows, but at least it helps you choose what to eat. We went to the one at Harrahs (pretty terrible), the Paris (pretty good) and theBacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. This buffet is pretty impressive. Firstly, it is huge, secondly it has a huge assortment of food, and hardly the food actually tastes good. You can get plate after plate of crab legs, sushi, cute little salads and some pretty awesome desserts. The buffet is pricey, but you could probably eat your weight in steak if you wanted to.

Another way to get people in the door is with free shows and attractions.

We saw the fall of Atlantis show at Caesars palace. This show has been around a while and is starting to show its age. You can’t really hear the audio anymore and the animatronic figures shake strangely. Aside from that it is pretty good. Who will win fire or water? Or something else? Etc. the rest of Caesars palace is pretty well themed with lots of statues.

We also saw the volcano show at the mirage. This is also pretty good. The show contains both water and fire effects which produce a reasonable reproduction of a volcanic explosion. You can feel the heat from the fire and the water effe to are pretty.

We are staying at TI (treasure Island) which has a Sirens of TI show. Essentially the premise is that sirens are on one ship and there are pirates of the other and they fight. Aside from the innuendo and misogyny it is actually a pretty good show. There are several musical numbers, stunt performances and lots of pyrotechnics. At one point the fire is so hit you wonder if the performers get burnt.

We also stopped in to the Bellagio Casino, after seeing the famous dancing fountains. the casino which has a small garden and expensive theming. I have to say I think it is a little dull. The fountain show is very quick and doesn’t really do anything particularly unusual.

I did like the Venetian which has some nice theming such as large masks and water features. There is also a gondola ride available for a fee.








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