Day 73 – A town lost in time

Virginia City, in Northern Nevada was originally a mining town and a fairly successful one. However, with many mining towns, when the mines ran cold, the town started to die.

Virginia City refound its place as a tourist town. It exists to bring to life the time that was. It just isn’t sure what time that was. There are lots if saloons (with poker machines), museums showing mining artefacts, candy shops and the like. There are also lots of stores selling 50s memorabilia.

Probably the most famous thing that Virginia city is now famous for is the paranormal and it certainly seems o have revived the tourist industry. Shows such as Ghost Adventures and others on the travel channel have visited Virginia City on multiple occasions and caught some excellent evidence. The hotel, Silver Queen and room 11 in particular, as well as the Washoe Clubwere some one of the first locations visited on the show.

We had a tour of he Washoe Club, which was quite good, save for one of the guests who was desperate to have an experience. We also stayed at the Silver Queen I room 11. Aside from a rather old and uncomfortable bed we had an otherwise uneventful night.




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