Day 69 – Not So Spooked in Seattle

Walking ghost tours are hard. How much information do you present? Do you present only straight history or do you include some theatre to make it more interesting. How much information do you need to have in hand to answer questions?

I have not been to a tour which has gotten all of these components right, and this includes the Spooked in Seattle tour which we saw this evening.

The tour was sold as a factual tour held by paranormal investigators. While there was some information presented in a factual way, much of it was also embellished. We often heard that the ghost could be this person, or that, or another group entirely. Some historical information was presented, but it was not detailed or little known.

Also, there were far to many people in the tour. Much more than about 15 people and any walking tour becomes a sprawling mess, where everybody tries to position themselves to hear. This tour had twice that many and the problem was exaggerated as the tour also had a number of photographs and audio clips. So we all had to wait while the tour guide slowly panned the iPad around to everyone in the group.

A large number of references were made to TV shows which had filmed in Seattle. You may bet better to watch those. At least you want have to go into a less than sparkling part of Seattle.






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