Day 66 – Paddles and Saddles

Today we did the paddles and saddles activity offered by our accommodation, Spring Creek Ranch.

We started the day with the whitewater rafting activity. There were about 9 people in our total group, however 6 of the were in a group, so they took one boat. Chris, me and the single rider wen in the other boat, with an extra guide. I was quite glad about this as the group of 6 were quite loud and a bit silly.

We were taken to snake river which is located quite close to Jackson Hole. It is a class III river (out of VI). This basically means that the rapids are rough enough to be fun, but no so much you feel like you are in danger. You do hit some really nice waves and lots of splashes. You also paddle. You don’t need to paddle the whole way, as the river takes you most of the way, you just paddle into the rapids.

The river was quite lovely, as the whitewater parts were nicely broken up with calm water, allowing you to look at the scenery and wildlife. We saw 2 bald eagles and several other types of birds. Our guides were fantastic and we had a great chat about the area, conservation and tour guiding.

While the water was quite cold, the tour company, Jackson Hole Whitewater provided wet suits and booties so we stayed mostly dry and warm.

The tour was great fun and we got to learn a lot about the area and have a great morning in the river.

We then went on to the saddles component, which was an hour horse riding expedition up the hill to get a good view of the town and the surrounding mountains.

My horse was Buck. I spend quite a bit of time with Buck before the other riders mounted and I think I spent too much time patting him, so he thought he could be a bit naughty. While the other horses stayed nicely in line and a slow walking pace, Buck preferred to stop, eat grass and then follow the other horses about 10 paces behind. If he thought he was getting too far behind he would canter to catch up. He also got the horse behind to be a bit naughty too. I quite liked being the difficult one at the back. It let me enjoy the scenery a bit and it let me canter a but more often.

The horse riding was lots of fun. We got a fantastic view of the township and the mountains and got to meet some great horses, too.





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