Day 64 – Navajoland

Travelled from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to Moab in Utah. We travelled extensively through the Navajo reservation and some amazing locations.

First we stopped by an area outside of Tuba City which has a range of dinosaur tracks. The tracks are on Navajo land. When we pulled up we were greeted by a teenage Navajo boy who offered to assist us to see the tracks, for a gratuity. He led us round the area which contained an amazing number and diversity of dinosaur tracks, fossilised eggs and fossilised bones. There are tracks everywhere. The Navajo guide did a very good job and provided a great deal of information about the dinosaurs who are likely to have left the tracks and what the dinosaurs may have been doing while leaving the tracks. Seeing the tracks in-situ was much more interesting than seeing the tracks in a museum.

We then went to monument valley, which is the location of many western films. Entry to monument valley requires an entry fee of only $5 per person. There is a museum, a restaurant and a gift shop. You can elect to take a tour with a guide, which allows you to see restricted areas of the park, or you can choose o drive yourself around “the loop.” The loop is an unpaved road which takes you to most of the monuments, which are huge rock formations arising from the ground around you. We elected to drive ourselves. The formations are amazing and beautiful. They are iconic images of the west and driving the loop is lots of fun.












One thought on “Day 64 – Navajoland

  1. Tiki Swain says:

    Moab and surrounding areas are amazing. My aunt bought a house there just so she had someplace to stay when she went back again, and again, and again.. 🙂

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