Day 63 – East Rim

We visited the East Rim of the Grand Canyon today. The east rim has a 26 mile scenic drive which contains several lookout points, a watch tower and ruins.

Desert view is the furtherest point on the drive and has an historic watch tower, which you can climb. It has several viewing platforms including one outside area. There are also several stores which sell Grand Canyon products and native crafts, however the prices are much higher than available at trading posts in other parts of Arizona, particularly Gallup. The look out area provides an excellent view and the facilities are very well maintained.

There is also a museum and ruins from an Anasazi village from about 1185 AD. The ruins are very well excavated and the museum, while small provides some context and background on the native inhabitants of the area.

The closest point in the trail is known as Grandview Point. It is a great look out area and also is the trailhead for a number of long trails. There are a number of warning spotted about the difficulty of the hikes.

We also went spent some time close to the Grand Canyon village at sunset. It was a lovely view and a bit quieter than during the day.









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