Day 61 – Blackhawks

Ice hockey is my favourite sport to watch. It is fast, aggressive and incredibly skilled. Hockey is hard enough, but having to play it on ice is crazy. Not only do you have to be an amazing ice skater, you also have to have split second reactions to allow you to shoot the puck.

The referees are almost as impressive, having to watch every second of the game and keep out of the way of the game.

The Blackhawks are quite successful. They won are Stanley Cup several years ago and are frequently in the playoffs. Unfortunately they were not good in this game and lost 4-1. The playoffs are played best of seven. The Blackhawks won the first game, so are now tied for the series. Hopefully they will improve and win the next few so they are able to progress.


One thought on “Day 61 – Blackhawks

  1. cfniva says:

    Alex would be so jealous you got to see ice hockey. I finally remembered to download your May the 4th ecard! Thanks xx

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