Day 59 – Get your kicks (and pottery) on Route 66

We travelled through New Mexico to Arizona today. Sometimes along Route 66 and sometimes on I40.

We stopped at a number of trading posts along the way. The trading posts carry an assortment of pottery, rugs, jewellery and other crafts from the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi.

Many of the trading posts had been in operation for over 100 years. The items available included:
a significant amount of turquoise jewellery, one necklace had over 6 pounds of beads
Lots of pottery, including horse hair pottery
A range of woven items including blankets and shawls

The range if items available and the range if techniques and styles was very impressive.

We are now staying in Winslow, Arizona to do some research for Chris’ novel, Arizona Afterwards, the first draft of which is available online.


One thought on “Day 59 – Get your kicks (and pottery) on Route 66

  1. Rachel's writing blog says:

    I visited Arizona and New Mexico many years ago, the turqoise bracelet and pottery I bought travelled in my backpack around America and back to Ireland and now to my new home in Australia. 🙂

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