Day 54 – Doctors who weren’t

We went to Sioux Falls in South Dakota. We walked down the Main Street and had a look at some of the sculptures along the sculpture walk which is a range of sculptures which is refreshed each year. There is a wide range of sculptures and the Main Street has a lot of gift shops and arty galleries.

We also visited Seuss Falls exhibition. I am a huge fan of Dr Seuss, not just for his distinctive poetry and graphic styles, but also for his ability to include a memorable message in each of his stories, such as the lasting statement of the Once-ler… “Unless.”. Many of his books are still among my favourites including the Lorax and much overlooked sleep book, which I think is a great insomnia cure for children and adults alike.

The exhibition included two sections. One was an art gallery of Seuss’ work including his early work on advertising. There was also some examples of his WW2 contributions,which were substantial. The second section was part of the science museum and had included some sculptures of unknown animals that Seuss had done. There were some additional activities, but I’m not sure how closely they related to the topic. On the whole the exhibition was quite good, but at $18 per person it was a little expensive.

We then went on to Sioux City in Iowa and visited the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Centre. The centre has quite a bit of information about the Expeditition, including interaction with Native Americans and Charles Floyd who died in Sioux City and was the only person to die on the expedition. It was likely he dies of appendicitis, and was misdiagnosed by Clark, as medical work often fell to captains at the time, although there was no cure for the condition at the time, so he would likely had died even in the hands of experienced doctors. The interpretive centre is set in very nice grounds, and has some fantastic animatronic figures. The centre is also free, so it is a great place to stop by to learn more about the expedition in the Missouri River area.

We also visited Palmers Candy Company which has existed since 1878. The store has some old candy machines and lots of different chocolate and candy for sale.








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