Day 53 – Miniature and Mini

Spent most of the day swapping rental cars. We had a small rental car for the East Coast. Good for fuel economy, easy to park, etc. We wanted a SUV for the West Coast though. Don’t want to be stuck in the middle of Utah with a. Car that can’t handle the roads.

So we brought the stuff from the car to the hotel. Drove around trying to find petrol, eventually found petrol, returned the car, got a cab to the next rental car place, completed the agreement and got an all wheel drive. Not what we wanted. We can go to another rental car agency and trade it. If we can find one with the car we want. Went back to the hotel reloaded the car and then left. Took longer than intended, but we got there in the end.

Then we went to North Dakota. Got stuck in a traffic jam. Roads in America are weird. Always seem to get stuck at the strangest times. I get being stuck in peak hour, but at 2:00 in the afternoon?

When we got to Fargo In North Dakota we decided to go to Thunder Road, which has an arcade, batting cages and stuff. They also advertise mini golf. They actually have miniature golf. Mini golf is fun and cute and has little machines that carry your ball places and set off surprise effects. Miniature golf requires the same amount of skill as normal golf, can be just as frustrating, but you don’t have to walk as far. This coupled with the fact that the wind was blowing so hard that the birds gave up on trying to fly made the courses quite challenging. It was still fun!



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