Day 52 – Consumerism

Went through Wisconsin today to visit the Jelly Belly factory. The factory does not make jelly bellys – it is the distribution centre. They do have a tour, where you ride a little train around the outside of the distribution area and there are several stops where shirt videos explaining the history, manufacturing and quality control processes. The tour is pretty good and very popular. As we got arrived, there were several large buses leaving. They even have a sign that says the tour wait is up to an hour.

They also have a jelly belly store, which sells lots if jelly beans and jelly bean themed products. We bought 5 pounds of irregular jelly beans for $27!

We then came up to Minnesota to visit the Mall of America which is America’s second largest mall and one of the top tourist attractions in America. It has its own theme park (we rode a pretty scary roller coaster that takes you straight up and then straight down again), lots of restaurants and some big department stores. It is certainly a big mall, but much the same as all malls.





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