Day 51 – extras

We visited the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. The museum is huge and is spread over several levels. There are many excellent

Science storms, for example, looks at the science behind natural phenomena such as tornadoes, tsunamis and light. There are lots of interactives and large displays.

The Whispering Gallery which allows people to stand at either end of the room and sound is transmitted effectively across the room.

There is also a fairy castle which is a fantastic miniature castle with fairy tale themed rooms.

There are also a number of exhibits which require additional cost. These include the coal mine tour, submarine tour, toymaker and networld. These exhibits are very well presented and the tours are delivered very well, however it does get a bit tiresome to have to constantly be pulling money out of our pockets to do anything.

We also visited the Adler Planetarium, which is Americas oldest planetarium. The planetarium has several exhibits which display a range of space related items. There is also a range of theatres showing different programs, some for younger audiences and some for adults.

The exhibits are a bit convulated. They are spread over several levels and don’t seem to be the,ed very well.

We selected Welcome to the Universe for our show, which is located in the
Grainger Sky Theater, the largest and most technologically advanced theatre. We had to pay extra but figured it was worth it.

The show is a good display of the theatres technological features and shows a range of astronomical features, such as planets, stars and galaxies.

However, I was very confused when I walked in. The projector, sound system and computers is clearly a multi-million set-up. The chairs and viewer facilities, however seem to have cost about a buck fifty. The seats do not recline and are very uncomfortable. I am not sure why the planetarium would make this choice. It devalues the whole experience. I hope that these seats are temporary and that the planetarium will be better fitted out in future phases.





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