Day 49 – A dinosaur named Sue

Sue the dinosaur was discovered by Sue Hendrickson in 1990. Sue the dinosaur is up the most complete dinosaur ever discovered. She lives at the Chicago Field museum, where we visited today. Sue looks very impressive and sits at the end of the main hall. The quality of the skeleton and presentation are all fantastic.

The Field museum is a natural history museum. There are permanent exhibitions on Ancient Egypt, fossils and dinosaurs, ancient America and gems. . These exhibitions, particularly the dinosaur exhibit are of very high quality. The museum does an excellent job of balancing education and entertainment to provide a very interesting experience.

For me, the highlight was the travelling exhibition, Creatures if the Night, natures bioluminescence. The exhibition focuses on creates which emit light, such as fireflies and to deep sea fishes. The exhibition has a great vibe, with twilight lighting and a good mix of interactive features, living examples and scientific information.






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