Day 48 – To Rally

1. A gathering, especially one intended to inspire enthusiasm for a cause.

The 8 hour day is one of the earliest and most important wins for workers unions around the world. Melbourne, Australia is one of the first places in the world to have really successfully implemented this concept for the bulk of workers, in Melbourne which occurred in 1860 in Melbourne even has a monument to this success outside of trades hall and we have a public holiday to celebrate.

In no way do I dismiss the hard work of the Australian unionists in achieving this outcome, as they implemented well planned strikes and protests in order to achieve the practical and legislative change, however it was not violent and achieved the outcomes.

The American labour movement had it a bit tougher. Not only did they start campaigning for the 8 hur day as early as 1791, when laws were passed they were largely ineffective and the workers had to continue to fight for improved regulations into 1937.

A cathartic event for the American labour movement was the Haymarket riot which occurred in Chicago in 1886. It started as a peaceful protest for the 8 hour day and resulted in a dynamite bomb being thrown by an unknown assailant. It was a terrible incident which resulted in several deaths, false trials, injustices, pardons, etc. it also both strengthened and damaged the labour movement, but is considered one of the founding moments in their history. A monument has now been built in Chicago to remember this event.

2. To recover abruptly from a setback or disadvantage.

There is a fairly familiar phrase in American baseball and that phrase is “poor Cubs”. He Cubs have not won a World Series in 105 years. This is not a good streak. Sometimes they get quite close, on,y to fall at the last hurdle. This just makes the loosing worse. You may believe that the loses are due to the infamous curse of the billy goat or because the Cubs just don’t know how to win, the result is still an amazingly long time between drinks.

I have seen baseball before, in Australia and America. All baseball fields have a different vibe.

We saw a game today between the Cubs and the Reds. I’ll say upfront that the Cubs were. It playing well. The Reds were nit amazing, but were definitely better. The runs that the Cubs did make, were primarily due to errors on behalf of the Reds rather than amazing skills by the Cubs. I am pretty sure that many of the fans also knew that the Cubs were. It playing so well, and left early. (Although this may have been to watch the much more successful Blackhawks who are actually a winning Chicago team). At the end I think there were more seagulls than fans.

Anyway, last innings the cabs are down by three. Cubs are at bat. Two outs, guys on 1st and 3rd. Batter has the chance to even things up. The crowd stands and cheers. We may be able to rally. He has a reasonable chance … And the ball is hit. and the ball goes foul and is caught. Poor Cubs.




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