Day 47 – Planes, games and some more planes

We visited the air zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan today. The Air Zoo has a large number of planes on display including a blackbird.

The bulk of the aircraft are presented very well, there are well painted and really add to the presentation of the air craft. There are a number of historically important air craft.

There are also a number of simulators and interactive games of varying quality. They are a little out of date (think early 3d), however they are still reasonable fun and very well staffed.

There is a 4d theatre which as I have explained means that they shoot air at you and shake your chair. There are two shows, one relating to ww2 bombers and the second relating to the first man in the moon. The shows are of pretty good production quality, however the technical quality of the cinema seems a bit limited, so there is not much delicacy to the movement, which means that your chair will randomly drop through the show and it is quite rough.




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