You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma!

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain
And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.

I like the musical Oklahoma and the state is pretty cool, too.

My total score for Oklahoma out of 50 is 37.

Categories out of 10

Home comforts Quality of food, accommodation, etc. Score of 8. Native American food is awesome. Need more places which have frybread.

Attractions The quality of the attractions and generally how fun and interesting they were. Score of 7. A range of really high quality Native American attractions.

Natural Beauty The aesthetic vistas of the state which make the drive easier. Score of 7. Really pretty state with lots of prairies and rolling hills. Cows, too.

Culture Historical and cultural sites and interactions with the locals. Score of 8. Home of many Native American reservations.

Value Financial value – bang for your buck, so to speak. Score of 7. Accommodation is a little high in cost, it food is very cheap.


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