Day 36 – Stories of Days Past

New Orleans is home to the National World War 2 museum and is one of the best museums in the country. The museum contains exhibitions on D-Day in Europe as well as significant battles in the pacific war. The museum presents information in an even handed and expansive way, including information on the lead up to the war, information about the home front and life on the front lines. There are particularly interesting exhibitions which explore the role of women in the war and explorations of some of the morale complexities of the war, such as Japanese internment.

The museum also includes a multi-media presentation called Beyond All Boundaries. This presentation includes real life objects, screen projections, special effects and movement to show the horror of war. The show does an excellent job of outlining the key aspects of world war 2 in an emotionally engaging manner.

We also attended a ghost tour of the French Quarter which was very good. The tour covered a wide range of topics, including haunted buildings, voodoo, vampires, zombies and werewolves. The tour was factual and provided a wide range of information on different sites in the French quarter.










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