Day 33 – Islands of Adventure

Went to Islands of Adventure today. Islands of adventure is the second park in the Universal Orlando resort.

The best ride in all of Orlando would have to be The Amazing Adentures of Spider-man. Not only is Spider-man a very cool character the ride combines fantastic technology with a great storyline and real effects. Wile the ride does have 3d it also moves within a large set. We rode it twice in quick succession and found lots more to look at the second time around.

A new area in Islands of Adventure has recently opened known as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The area is very well themed and allows you to taste some of the foods in the books and purchase authentic sovieniors. The main attraction in this area is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This ride also combines real life action with screen projections. The ride setup is that you are taking a tour of the school, and the theming in the queue is excellent and includes some clever effects like indoor snow and talking portraits.

There is also an area known as Sueuss’ Landing and includes rides, food and shops themed on Dr Sueuss’ books. While it is primarily a kids area, it is still fun for fans, such as myself.






One thought on “Day 33 – Islands of Adventure

  1. Donna Pledger says:

    Wow, just had a marathon read of all your blog posts…couldn’t find them before which indicates a disappointing intellectual deficit in me 😦

    What an AMAZING journey you and Chris are on! Loving the experiential contrasts and that you are not slumming it re accomodation 🙂

    So sorry to have missed your birthday and that inclement weather meant no birthday bi-plane flight. Hope you had a sensational day anyway and that, as part of your 50 States of Yay, it was a birthday to remember.


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