Day 31 – Animal Kingdom

Visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom today, which is part zoo and part theme park.

The park has several headliner rides such as Expedition Everest (a large roller coaster set on Everest which goes backwards for part of the ride), Kali River Rapids (good way o get very drenched)and dinosaur (go back in time to capture a dinosaur).

Animal Kingdom also includes a faux safari through Africa where you can see animals such as giraffes, lions and elephants as well as a large selection of bird life. There are also a number of walking trails through the park which allow you to get close to the animals.

My favourite part of the park is the shows. This includes Flights of Wonder which is a show including a range of birds like raptors, eagles and ravens. The show is quite well put together and the birds are majestic, however I am. It sure why we need the silly narrative – just tell us about the birds! Also saw Festival of the Lion King which includes dance, singing and acrobatics. The performers in this show are excellent and really work hard and the end result is a cohesive show hat will have all of the lion king songs stuck in your head for weeks! Far and away the best show at the disney parks is Finding Nemo – the musical. The show combines puppetry with live performance, so you can see the puppeteers and singers and how they interpret their part. The show deals with the same complex themes as the film and manages to deliver a full narrative in only 40 minutes.

Hakuna Matata







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