Day 29 – Magic Kingdom

We visited the Magic Kingdom today. This park is similar to the original Disneyland Park in California.

The park includes 6 areas;

This land contains Pirate of the Carribean and while it is not as elaborate as the version of Disneyland, it is still a great example of storytelling.

Home to my favourite roller coaster, Big Thunder. I like Bug Thunder as it is quite a tame roller coaster but lots of fun. It is great to do twice – once in the day and once at night. Quite a different experience. Good coaster for kids.

Also home to another famous coaster, Splash Montain. In water rides I always get soaked – it is some sort of superpower. As much as I enjoy the “splash” component of the side, I also really like the boat ride so pinene. It is weird though – it was based on Song of the South which is almost impossible to access as Disney has refused to release it. I always wonder what kids who have not seen the film must make of the Br’er Rabbit, fox and bear sequences in the ride.

Also saw Country Bear Jamboree, which is an older attraction based on animatronic, musical bears. It is cute and funny and filled with jokes only the adults understand.

Liberty Square,
visited one of my favourite rides, Haunted Mansion. They have introduced some new interactive elements to the queue which make waiting more fun. There are also several features that were new in the ride, such as some new rooms. Will have the song stuck in my head for a while though … If you haven’t heard it, trust me, it is very catchy!

Fantasyland—open while undergoing the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history
Saw the new Enchanted Tales with Belle. This is essentially a meet and greet with Belle, however there is some pretty fancy technology at play here. For example you meet Lumiere, who looks like a cartoon make real. I spent the whole experience trying to work out how Lumiere worked.

This land is home to the famous Space Mountain which is essentially a roller coaster in the dark – it is themed with space and there are flashing lights, etc. the ride itself is about a 6 on roller coaster scales but is lots of fun due to the theming.

Saw a new attraction – Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. Essentially it is a stand up act performed by characters from Monsters Inc, the Pixar movie. Many of the jokes are quite funny, however the real laughs come from the interaction with the audience.

Main Street, U.S.A
This area is the starting hub for the Magic Kingdom and includes several large shops such as he Emporium. One thing you should remember about shopping at Disney Parks – if you want something you should buy it when you see it. There is no guarantee it will be in other stores.







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