Day 28 – Hollywood Studios

Travelled to Orlando, Florida today from Georgia. We have arrived at Walt Disney World where we are staying for a week.

I have never been to WDW but have been to Disneyland several times and love it. There are always debates about which is better, Disneyland or Disneyworld, but it is very difficult to compare. WDW includes 4 separate theme parks, 2 water parks, numerous resorts, outdoor activities and shopping / entertainment. Disneyland contains the original park and disney’s

We arrived mid-afternoon so decided to see me of the smaller parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This park is a little different from the others as it has many shows and performances rather than rides.

Some of the performances we saw included:

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage which is a short musical containing the key songs from the film. While it wasn’t the full production of the show which I saw with my mother several years ago in Melbourne (it had Hugh Jackman in it) the dancers and performers were very talented and it was a fun 25 minutes.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid is a sort production which includes live actors, laser effects and puppetry. The show is well performed and includes some cool features. On a personal note I always thought it made more sense to turn the sailor I to a merman than the mermaid into a human – she is daughter of king Triton and hangs out with cool aquatic life, he is just a sailor.

Legend of Jack Sparrow. This is a new show and a little bit weird. The effects are outstanding and it really looks like Jack Sparrow is present, however it was a little hard to see much of it. We saw it quite late n the day, so I think the audience may have been a little too tired to fully participate.

Some of the big name rides we experienced included:
Rock n Roller Coaster. This is a very fun ride (indoor roller coaster with inversions) and I really enjoyed it, despite that short length.

Tower of terror, which also exists in California, however is slightly different in Florida. The ride has a series of drops which defy gravity, but I really enjoy it for the link to Twlight Zone. There is also a great Pepper’s Ghost illusion.

Star Tours which has had an update since I last saw it and has added new technology, including the ability to identify Rebel Spies on the ship (Chris was the rebel spy). The effects are great, but the ride is a bit shorter now, which is somewhat disappointing. Will be interesting to see what happens with Star Wars in the future in the Parks now that Disney owns the rights.





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