Day 27 -Which one is the waterfall?

We visited Jones Gap State Park in South Carolina. This is a park which has a number of walking trails, camping and some basic facilities such as restrooms and a ranger station.

We were met at the gates to the state park by a lovely young park employee who provided us some advice on which trails to take and where to park. The payment of $2 per person is collected in little envelopes, so it is an honour system, but you would be pretty stingey to steal $2 from the state park system.

We parked the car and started off on the “blue trail” which is rated easy to medium and intended to be a fairly easy hike up to a waterfall, which should take about 30 minutes or so. We walked for a while up the trail, which was fairly early and met a number of people up and down the trail. The trail is lovely and positioned nearby the river.

So we got part of the way up and found another map which said it was a bit further so we kept going. We kept going until we got to a bridge over the river. Seemed a nice place to stop so went down and say by the river for a bit and came back. It seemed like we had gone far enough and couldn’t find the waterfall.

On the way back we passed a tall but thin waterfall and debated whether this was it before containing down. We met some people on the way up who were also asking – where is the waterfall?

So have no idea whether we missed the waterfall, didn’t go far enough or the waterfall was missing.

Still had lots of fun walking in the park though!

PS – if you read my preview of Georgia you will note we were planning on doing a bi-plane ride tonight, but we cancelled due to inclement weather.





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