Day 25 – Not Just Whistling Dixie

We have been trying to see artefacts from Edgar Allan Poe since Baltimore. Unfortunately, the museum is temporarily closed. We also tried to see the collection at the Enoch Free Library however, these were apparently kept in a meeting room inaccessible to the public (at least if the room has been booked). We did however, see Poe’s grave in Baltimore. We also got the opportunity to see the Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia.

The museum is quite small and unfortunately not located in any of the houses inhabited by Poe during his time in Virginia. However, the museum has quite a lot of objects owned by Poe, including many childhood objects, items relating to his work and personal letters. There are also a number of first editions and sculptures created to honour him after his death.

While in Richmond we also visited the Museum of the Confederacy, which is located next to the White House of the Confederacy.

The American Civil War is a very complex issue. It is nit is ply a case of the North fighting for the end to slavery. There were a multitude of political, social, financial and cultural issues. It was also a terrible war which pitted families against each other and left one in four men of fighting age in the south dead due to the war. Due to this, the treatment of the war in any museum needs to be handled with sensitivity and intelligence.

I think this museum does that effectively. The museum presents the war from the side of the south and southerners. The museum recounts key battles and has a number of important military items. Also included in an interesting exhibit on civilian life during the civil war and has a number of interesting objects such as hair jewellery , toys and personal letters. The museum is quite impressive for it size and is well presented.

The White House of the Confederacy was the home of Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate states and his family, during the course of the war. The house is very well maintained and the tour guides are very knowledgeable about the house and its inhabitants. The house features several original features and items owned by the family.

Fun fact: I had to,retype this several times due to the poor Internet connection!







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