Day 24 – Living and Dead History

Visited Colonial Williamsburg today. Essentially it is a reproduction / restored city built on the historic city of Williamsburg. It seeks to recreate life around the time of the revolutionary war. Colonial Williamsburg contains quite a lot of reproduction buildings, including the standard blacksmith, tailor, milliner, etc.

The park also includes a number of live events, such as debates between key historical figures, plays and other entertainment and displays of combat activities such as fencing, musket fire and cannons. Over the quality of these presentations is very good, in particular, the quality of acting is excellent. One of these presentations was a debate with Thomas Jefferson on religious freedoms.

We also attending a ghost tour, which incurred an additional charge. The tour consisted of three sections, whereby an acted portrayed a character from the time period. The first section related to a woman who had lived in the town and may haunt one of the buildings. The second and third sections, while well acted were bit really ghost stories relevant to the area, they were actually ghost storied from other parts of the world and unrelated to Williamsburg. It is a bit confusing why, in a town of such history, that we couldn’t find three interesting stories to tell about ghosts or the unknown.

Then New Jersey caught up with us again. On the way to Williamsburg, another car kicked up a small rock which struck the windshield. There was no apparent damage and it didn’t seem to have hit that hard, however, as a nice surprise on our return to the car, the windshield decided to crack after being left in the sun for several hours. We swapped the car for a new one (another visit to an airport car rental agency – although they were very nice) and are now on our third car. I have decided that the last one was still cursed from New Jersey, so this new car should be fine!





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