Day 22 – Visiting the father’s house

Full disclosure; I have never found Washington to be very interesting. Yes, he was the commander of the continental army, yes, he was the first president. However, he is so very boring and two-dimensional. He never even told a lie. Give me the complexities of Adams and Jefferson!

Despite my reservations about Washington, he is considered the father of the country and so we went to Mount Vernon where Washington lived with Martha. The house and grounds are very well maintained and a visit includes a short movie, highlighting some key moments in Washington’s life and information about Mount Vernon. You are then provided with a fairly quick tour of the mansion delivered by docents . The mansion is as it was in 1799 which was the last year of Washington’s life. The grounds also include displays of farming as it would have been during that time period. Washington is also buried on the property.

We also saw the famous cherry blossoms which have finally come out. No-one was quite sure when we would see them as last week it was close to freezing and today it was 32 Celsius or 90 Fahrenheit. Poor blossoms didn’t know what to do. Nonetheless, they are beautiful and there were many, many people who went to see them.






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