Day 19 – Variety bucket

Did quite a lot of things today stretching over several states.

First we visited the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. We prepared for a long search following the experience with HP Lovecraft. Fortunately, the cemetery was much smaller and the grave marker was much larger and located immediately at the front gate. Several roses had been left for Poe and the grave marker was quite lovely.

Next we attended the National Cryptological Museum. This museum is managed by the NSA. The museum is surprisingly comprehensive and includes exhibitions on the enigma machine, Navaho code talkers and the key role that women have played in code breaking. The museum also has a very affordable gift shop.

We also visited Geppis Entertainment Museum in Baltimore. This is a relatively small museum packed full of comics, toys and pop culture items from the early part of the 20th century to the 90s. The museum has some interesting items and brings back great memories.

We then left the state of Maryland for West Virginia to visit Harpers Ferry. Harpers Ferry was a key historical player in many events in American history. The town supplied the Lewis and Clark expedition, was a strategic spot in the American civil war and was also one of the first sites to have schooling for all races and both genders. Harpers Ferry is also the start of the Appalachian Trail. The area is very beautiful and Jefferson once remarked that the “scene is worth a voyage across the Atlantic.“. This site is managed by the national parks service and is quite innovative. You can park up the trail and the NPS provides a shuttle down to the town. Much of the town is comprised of several museums and restored buildings which represent the town as it was and key historical events. There are also private businesses in the town which is serviced by the shuttle. This is an excellent park and was certainly being well utilised.







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