America in Miniature

Maryland is a nice state. Baltimore seems like a pretty hip city, with lots of art galleries. The city also really loves it sports. Obviously the ravens have just won a Super Bowl, but the passion for the baseball team seems equally fanatic. Lots to do in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

My total score for Maryland out of 50 is 31.

Categories out of 10

Home comforts Quality of food, accommodation, etc. Score of 6. The room was nice, though not exceptional and was surprising loud. Food was pretty good.

Attractions The quality of the attractions and generally how fun and interesting they were. Score of 6. Lots to do in Baltimore so you can probably spend a week here. Although I was disappointed that the Poe House was closed and the Poe artifices contained at the library are kept in a meeting room not accessible to the public. Seems a bit unfair for a man who inspired the name for the football team to not be better honoured.

Natural Beauty The aesthetic vistas of the state which make the drive easier. Score of 6. Pleasant enough drive, but doesn’t bowl you over.

Culture Historical and cultural sites and interactions with the locals. Score of 6. Lots of art galleries and so forth – limited historical sites.

Value Financial value – bang for your buck, so to speak. Score of 7. Pretty affordable.


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